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Security is a huge aspect of many businesses- and rightly so, especially for those who have sensitive information on their documents, which is why every business should invest in shredding machines.

When it comes to disposing of these documents, it is important that they are destroyed adequately to ensure that this information is illegible and unable to be seen by unauthorised individuals.

The paper shredders that we have here at CLC achieve this perfectly by effortlessly tearing through the documents, with some even able to destroy CDs if required too. The paper or media will be reduced to thin strips, reducing the risk of the information being read again.

Secure Document Disposal with our Paper Shredders

Each business will have a different amount of document disposal that needs to be dealt with quickly and thoroughly.

No matter whether you are a small business that occasionally needs to dispose of sensitive documents, or a larger business that requires daily disposal of printed information, we have a range of shredding machines which is sure to suit your specific needs. From specialist high capacity shredders to a simple office shredder, no matter what information you need to discreetly dispose of, our reliable shredders are the perfect choice for you.

As security is the most important aspect when wanting to get rid of important documents, we only supply products from industry respected suppliers who guarantee the security of your shredded documents, as well as ensuring that their products operate reliably. This means you can rest assured that your documents can be disposed of safely and securely once they have been passed through the paper shredders that we stock here at CLC.

Keep Your Business Secure with Reliable Shredding Machines

Ensuring the safe disposal of sensitive business documents is something that many businesses are becoming more aware of, and here at CLC we are always available to help our however we can.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we’re experts in helping our clients choose the perfect equipment for their needs, including finding the right shredding machines for the documents that may need disposal.

With specialist machines which deal with the shredding of cardboard and paper shredders which are dedicated to shredding paper of a certain size, we will be more than happy to help you find a piece of equipment that suits your needs the most.

For more information on the shredding machines that we stock here at CLC, feel free to contact our team today by calling our London office on 0203 826 3959, or our Scotland office on 01324 473 233.

Here at CLC we’ve been passionate about Document Presentation for over 20 years now. It is our cumulative knowledge and experience in this field that enables us to offer you this complete range of carefully selected products. If you need to produce documents which are beautifully printed, finished, presented and packaged, then we’re here to help and we’re only a phone call away!